Homeland Security

Homeland Security

In 2005, the USISTF awarded funding on homeland security and led an international conference on homeland security in Jerusalem.

These two projects include:

Trendlines International Ltd./ Maryland-Israel Development Center

“MarketReach America: Homeland Security”
This project identified five Israeli companies in the field of homeland security and trained them in business development for U.S. homeland security needs and market entry.  Israeli technologies and capabilities marketed in this project include identity security, perimeter security, disaster response, and emergency preparedness.

The project achieved in developing best practices for U.S. and Israeli companies interested in providing innovative security solutions and enhancing the protection of the United States.

Jerusalem Homeland Security Conference

USISTF along with the BIRD Foundation and the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) convened a workshop on homeland security issues, technologies and policies that are on the forefront of the U.S.’s international agenda.  In June, these three forces offered Israeli companies and policy makers an unprecedented opportunity for meeting with top U.S. government and business leaders.  During high-level general sessions and expert break-out sessions, participants received the latest information on international homeland security programs and contracts, gained insight on funding priorities and needs of first responders, and identified potential business partners.