Information, Communication & Electronics Business Development

Information, Communication & Electronics Business Development

In 2004-2005, USISTF granted awards in the field of Information, Communications, Electronics and Dual Use Technologies (ICET). The following grants were awarded:

University of Haifa & University of Southern California

“Virtual Reality Technologies Applied to Therapy and Rehabilitation – Fostering Binational Collaboration and Creating Markets”
This project has successfully facilitated collaboration between Israeli and American health care professionals, scientists and manufacturers in the field of virtual reality-based rehabilitation interventions.  Over the years, it was determined that immersing a trauma victim, such as a soldier or a suicide bombing survivor, back into the traumatic experience as soon as possible is a very effective psychological treatment.  Using virtual reality technology allows this therapy to be done quickly, efficiently, and with a high degree of reality, not possible with other techniques.  In the United States, representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Navy, among others, have become interested in these activities and are funding additional workshops in this field. The therapy is currently being used on American soldiers returning from Iraq.

Trendlines International Ltd & Maryland-Israel Development Center

“The U.S./Israel Market Development Initiative”
This project identified five Israeli companies in the field of ICET and trained them in  tools of business development related to U.S. market entry.  The overall objective of this project was to bring together Israeli high tech entrepreneurs and American technology business people to provide a systematized method of international business cultural training and “matchmaking”.  At the conclusion of this project, three of the sponsored companies established formal business relationships with U.S. partners for marketing and distributing their products.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev & San Diego State University

“Developing the Infrastructure for Collaboration between the U.S. and Israeli ICET and Dual-Use Technologies: The Negev and San Diego Model”
This project focused on using San Diego State University business students to assist Israeli high tech companies in the Negev with their U.S. market entry strategy. SDSU business students prepared business plans for nine Israeli companies, focusing on identifying potential partners for their technologies in the United States, with an emphasis on the San Diego region.

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology & University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“Collaborations toward Integrative Information Systems for Homeland Security”
This six-month project brought together leading homeland security researchers in the fields of computer science and emergency response management for a workshop on binational partnership opportunities.