Public Service

As representatives of the state and its citizens, Israel’s public service employees are the backbone of the service system, entrusted with shaping social policy and serving the public good. However, the many well-qualified individuals in public service positions do not receive recognition from the general public for their professionalism and expertise, particularly as compared with other players in the public arena.

There is a strong correlation between the degree of trust citizens place in their public service institutions and how well those institutional mechanisms work for them. To increase public acknowledgement of the value of Israel’s public service institutions, they must be seen as working both efficiently and effectively for the public good.

The Israel 2028 plan supports initiatives that would reform public service institutions, improve decision-making and implementation processes, and enable public service employees to address complex issues in changing conditionsThe plan also supports improving the functioning of Israel’s public sector while significantly reducing the government’s role in the economy.

To see how the Israel 2028 plan recommends raising the profile of public service and promoting excellence in government, click here to review the relevant section of the plan.