Israeli Leaders Promote Competitiveness Strategy at Israel 2028 Briefing Hosted by Democratic and Republican Israel Caucuses

May 2009

Leading Israeli executives were in Washington the week of May 11th  to discuss with Members of Congress, the Administration and the World Bank a strategic plan to catapult Israel to the next strata of economic competitiveness.  Dubbed ‘Israel 2028,’ the plan seeks to harness Israel’s global leadership in high-technology and the sciences to position Israel among the world’s leading economies within the next 20 years, improving social integration and workforce participation and expanding scientific capacity at Israeli universities and through joint development with the United States.

Jointly hosted by Representatives Henry Waxman, Gene Green, Alcee Hastings and Linda Sanchez as co-chairs of the Democratic Israel Working Group and Representatives Mark Kirk and Eric Cantor as co-chairs of the House Republican Israel Caucus, Eli Hurvitz and David Brodet, editor of Israel 2028 and former Director-General for Israel’s Ministry of Finance, briefed Congressional leaders on actionable steps to tap scientific ingenuity to boost economic growth both in Israel and the United States.  A component of Israel 2028 is dedicated to joint U.S.-Israel scientific collaboration.

Also speaking was Phil Bond, President of TechAmerica and Dr. Kathryn Atchison, Vice Chancellor for Research at UCLA. Meetings also took place with the Department of Commerce and with officials at the World Bank.

Israel 2028 is a project born of the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission, an initiative of the Clinton Administration, and its non-profit operational arm, the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation.