U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation hosts Israel Water Technology Forum

March 2010

After facing water scarcity concerns for many years, Israel has become a world leader in water resource management and conservation, and water-based alternative energy technologies. Israeli water engineers developed the world’s first drip irrigation system in the mid-1960s. Ever since, new water conservation technologies have contributed to the country’s flourishing agricultural sector. Today, Israel is known for its advanced technologies in the fields of desalination, water treatment and reclamation, and water safety and conservation, and is using its expertise to tackle worldwide environmental and energy challenges.

In late March, in partnership with the Embassy of Israel and ZAG/S & W, an American-Israeli law firm, the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation hosted an Israel Water Technology Forum at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  The forum explored Israeli water conversation and water-based technologies, highlighted innovative Israeli companies in the water sector and discussed the ways that Israeli water technologies are being implemented to solve problems in the United States.

Speakers included: Booky Oren, executive chairman of the Miya Water Company and former Chairman of Mekerot, the Israel National Water Company, Delegate Bob Hull, former Virginia State Delegate and original sponsor of the Virginia-Israel Advisory Board and Minister Ohad Cohen, commercial attaché at the Embassy of Israel.

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