Bio and ILSI Biomed Conference

USISTF Sponsors ILSI Israeli Delegation to BIO and ILSI BIOMED Conference

Israel is an incubator of diverse, innovative and compelling life science research and development. As a result of a study of the challenges facing Israeli life science companies and researchers, USISTF founded the Israel Life Sciences Organization (ILSI) to research, develop and advocate policies and initiatives that promote the medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agro-biotech sectors in the State of Israel and increase awareness of Israel’s strengths and innovation worldwide. A primary function of ILSI is to serve as the platform for exhibiting innovation within the life sciences community, to the general public, and to potential investors.

In order to further the goals of ILSI to increase awareness of Israel’s innovative life sciences and to promote cutting edge research and bi-lateral partnerships, USISTF actively sponsors ILSI to bring a delegation of Israeli companies to the largest life science research conference in the world, BIO, attended by nearly 15,000 people with 190 exhibiting companies. Sponsored by USISTF, ILSI brings companies to exhibit their work at the Israel National Pavilion and to participate in one-on-one partnering events with American companies to further publicize their work and expand their business networks.

USISTF also sponsors ILSI BIOMED, Israel’s premier biomedical and life sciences research conference. Nearly 6,000 people attended BIOMED 2008 representing companies and entities representing 42 different countries. A total of 288 USA-based entities, companies, industry associations, investors and service providers registered for the conference, among them many leading U.S life sciences companies. Presentations by U.S government officials, in particular from the Department of Health and Human Services and key FDA personnel, along with biotech industry and academic lecturers highlighted the importance and potential for mutual benefit in the collaborations between the Israeli and American med-biotech industries. One of BIOMED’s distinguished speakers had this to say about the conference, “I was very impressed by the attendance level and overall high energy and quality of the activities. This comes as no surprise in view of the substantial creativity and entrepreneurial spirit evident in Israel at large.”

Sponsorship of ILSI delegations to the annual U.S. based BIO convention and of ILSI BIOMED in Tel Aviv promotes excellent bi-lateral networking and collaborations through partnering events and industry showcases.

For more information about BIO please visit the BIO website.

For more information about BIOMED please visit the BIOMED website.