US-Israel Innovation Index Presented at Center for Applied Innovation

USISTF’s executive director attended Ocean Tomo’s IP Investments & Markets Conference on June 17th and 18th in Chicago, IL.  The conference brought together top practitioners and policy makers in the fields of IP asset management and domestic and international investment banking.  Approximately 100 of these leaders came together and saw a keynote panel on the US-Israel Innovation Index led by USISTF, Israel’s Consul General to the Midwest, Roey Gilad, and Michael Rosen, Senior VP from Forest City’s Science & Technology Group.

The panel discussed measuring the return on investment from international R&D collaborations, a central factor in the 2013 US-Israel Innovation Index.  Attendees recognized the central role of international partnerships in developing cutting edge R&D but reemphasizing the incentives for doing so along with overcoming challenges such as IP sharing, export and trade laws is critical in the process.  The US-Israel relationship highlights strong collaboration in terms of operating with similar laws, areas of science to emphasize, and government commitment to spur innovation.  The US-Israel government to government relationship ranks first in our 2013 Index and is the backbone of private sector, academic, and talent mobility between our two countries.

Ann Liebschutz noted “while the US-Israel relationship is broad-based, there is still room for improvement.”  She went on to add that “our work intrinsically allows us to understand the economic basis for sustaining the S&T relationship but the Index puts a palatable, digestible, and empirical story to what we do.”

For more information on the Index, please click here.