USISTF Discusses US-Israel Innovation Index with CRDF

February 18th, 2014

USISTF’s staff presented the 2013 US-Israel Innovation Index to a crowded room at CRDF, a global leader in cooperative science programs.  CRDF executive director and former director of USISTF, Cathy Campbell joined the fray to create constructive criticism and input moving forward to the 2015 version.  CRDF has numerous bilateral scientific programs in countries detailed by the USI3- Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, South Africa, and South Korea.  A large part of their work involves scientific diplomacy, building networks to create scientific literacy in the developing world.

The USI3 is a tool for policymakers to promote science & technology cooperation across the spectrum of research.  Improving a foreign country’s technology base opens the market for cooperation and business.  The USI3 tracks cooperation both as a tool of diplomacy and business, understanding key points of interest for bilateral S&T relations to allow for corrections to these relationships.  One particular point of interest to CRDF’s Directof of Evaluation, Dr. Liudmila Mikhailova, was evaluating international bilateral scientific investment in terms of impact, both economic and scientific. It is something we hope to incorporate more in future iterations of the USI3, creating transparency in bilateral relations.

We encourage feedback on our Index.  Please contact Charlie Swartz with comments or questions.